How To Grow Your Instagram Followers In 2020.....

Instagram is no doubt one of the Social Media Platforms used for Entrepreneurs to reach their Target Audience and Prospective Clients.

In 2020 Instagram has become a lot harder to grow organic Followers and Engagement.

Instagram's Algorithm has taking their game to the next level, and for anyone to rule the Instagram space, you have to bingbon your A Game....

Your A Game will looked like:

* Have a captivating Bio, you know the saying First impression matters alot.

* Ditch the Personal Account for a Business Account.

* Make an effort to create original Pictures and Content.
A picture perfect Instagram goes a long way when Instagram picks the pictures it shared on people's feed.

* Hash Tags are king, use relevant Hash tags in your post.
Also create your own unique hashtag.

* Be Active on Instagram: Post Everyday, Follow relevant accounts, like and comment on post, also engage your followers.

* Use The Location button, very important to state where your business is located, it helps your customers find you.

* Paid Instagram advert works in festive season if you are into buying and selling....

* Advertise with popular Instagram brand like @nigeriaonlinemarket

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