The regret of not doing "It": The Pursuit Of Happiness🥰

Don't let anyone write your story, If you have an Idea, dream, goal...
Pursue it with all you've got.
You owe yourself the satisfaction of trying:
If you fail, its cool..
You dust yourself and try again.
Life is sweeter that way👸

I have lived my life running, with my Ideas...
Once it crosses my mind I start doing it immediately, I don't let time pass, I don't think about what people will say especially when these people are not feeding me💁
I let my wings fly, because anyone who loves me for real will want me to be happy.
And finding fulfillment in my goals and dreams is a huge step in my pursuit of happiness.

From me to you, start now its never too late.

Let our #Covid-19 stay at home birth something great.
Allow that Idea run, Allow that dream become a reality, Spread your wings and Fly.

Xoxo- Diane Ogechi.


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