My Top 10 Beauty Tips.

Now that we are at home its time to indulge myself with my beauty routine.
I want you to also take care of your body, that is why I am sharing my beauty tips with you.

1) Water: I drink a lot of room temperature water, I always have a bottle of water close by.
Water helps my skin.

2) I slowly moisturize my skin with a night cream after bathing at night, preferable under the Fan or Air Conditioner to avoid sweating.

3) I always  use a Sunscreen Cream during the day (a minimum of SPF 15) to protect my skin from the sun.

4) I try not to eat after 7pm, to retain my Flat Tummy.

5) To make sure my Stomach does not grow big considering I have 3 kids, I wear a waist trainer every now and then.

6) I drink a lot of smoothies (almost everyday)

7) I take Zobo with ginger and garlic (better you make it at home).
My friend (Mummy Kocee) thought me how to make very healthy Zobo.

8) I visit the SPA once every month for facials and body massage.

9) I make sure my hair is clean, dirty hair gives face rashes.

10) I sleep on a clean pillow case.

Thanks for reading, please share your tips in the comment section.
Xoxo, Diane Ogechi.


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