Cost Of Living during the #Covid-19 Pandemic?

It is no longer news that the #StayAtHome period has changed everyone's life style: Financially, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually etc.

We have individuals who survive on daily income generation (they have to go to work to make a daily income).

We also have individuals who are salary earners and are not sure if their next salary is guaranteed as they are at home and not working (E.g Teachers, Hotel Staff, Restaurant and Bar Staff etc)

Now the question is how do they survive?

Some have ventured into businesses they can do from home and others found online jobs they can do from home, and some nothing (very sad).

Without sentiments, facing the reality we have found ourselves, we all need to wear our thinking cap in this era of survival.

And my first survival instinct is trusting totally in my Creator (Almighty God).

Second looking for ways to double my income putting the current reality in mind.

Third putting good use to my funds (Money), This is not the time to buy wants, it is the time to buy needs.
This is not the time to eat without cautionšŸ˜ƒ
It is the time to eat and keep for another day.

The #Covid-19 period has thought me how to manage my finances especially when it comes to my cost of living.

I have gone ahead to buy only the essentials and left out the nonessentials.

I have found affordable brands/products.

I have become a better manageršŸ˜ƒ

Post #Covid-19 I intend to practice the financial management skills I have acquired.

This has been my reality during this period.

What has been yours?

Please share in the comment section.

Xoxo- Diane Ogechi.

Please #StaySafe


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