What If SOCIAL MEDIA Shuts Down? | Who Noticed What Instagram Did TO Some Accounts....

I have always wondered what a lot of vendors who rely solely on Social Media to Market their products and services would do If Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc decides to shut down.

My Dear, It will be tough oh!
As a matter of fact it will feel like going to your physical shop in the morning and your shop has varnished into thin air, maybe a Gorilla Swallowed it😅

If you are an Instagram lover like me, you must have realized Instagram changed some things....

Which lead to some people not being able to post, comment, share pictures etc, some accounts even lost followers, as in their followers disappeared, I guess Instagram upgraded.

But that was just for a few hours, and I had a lot of Clients calling me, panicking and all...
Imagine if it was a shut down.

I am just glad that some of my followers have seen the reason I teach "HOW TO EFFECTIVELY RUN A SMALL BUSINESS", running a business is a skill you must learn in other not to run into a dead end.

Save yourself the trauma of running up and down, nobody is chasing you from your village...
You just don't know the secrets of Running a Small Business.

Xoxo Sunshine aka Happy Face.

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