Who remembers what happened 4years ago?
Recession affects everyone, either positively or negatively or even both.
For me the first thing I did was cut down on my expenses and I realized there were so many things I was buying in the past that I didn't really need.
And I have learnt to focus on what I really need and not what I want.
So I actually learnt how to save better thanks to recession.
Now! my mantra to life is peace of mind over everything, that helps me to make realistic decisions as regards my finances and business (means of livelihood).
As a business owner I realized my clients were asking for lots of discounts thanks to the recession.
Instead of losing my clients and running out of business, my company adjusted her price and took drastic measures like:
1) Only marketing to our target audience thereby not wasting funds marketing to everyone.
2) Changing Office; In order to reduce cost we changed our office to a smaller and cheaper location and also started a virtual office (which is one of the best decision we took).
3) Increasing our client base by creating solutions for young businesses.
4) Hiring Virtual Assistants, freelancers and contract staffs, so we pay as client pay us therefore I can sleep like a baby without the pressure of staff salary hanging over my head.
5) Collaborations/Networking: Collaborating and Networking with the right people has taken my business to another level.
6) Don't care what the negative vibers say: I call those people who instead of appreciating your effort, want to make you feel bad at every chance they get, my advise is careless about them and never let them steal your joy.
And yes don't ever put yourself under pressure to please anyone, cuz if you fail they will be the first to laugh at you.
7) Asking God for more Ideas, and guess what this is the most important point, because ones i realized God gives the best Ideas, I have being getting all my inspiration as regards writing my films and mentoring, with so much ease.

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"A Diane's Story"


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