Lagos Enterprise Summit | My Candid Thought

The event started at 10:42am and that for me was a long wait from the 10am which was the time stated in the promotional materials.

The MC was extremely entertaining.

I was admiring  the outfit of the  Ushers until I saw one that wore a very short gown🙆

And His Excellency walked in, Guess who? 

Time for pitching, most of the people who were picked from the online entries didn't come, so they lost the opportunity to pitch. 

The "Akara Seller" pitched and she made my day. 

Small chops and a bottle of coke was shared, at least that was what I got.
The Ushers started sharing gift bags in no particular order, due to the scattered form of the sharing, of course some people didn't get a bag. 

A lady behind me asked one of the Ushers for her bag, and the usher said it was finished, my question is why produce gifts that won't go round?

Due to the vibe I got from people around, I learnt something about Ushers and gifting at an event.
So in future when I hold an event I won't make, the same mistake. 
1. Make enough provisions for my participants. 
2. Proper orientation for ushers on how to share things, if possible give them specific areas to handle.

The event was supposed to be for 10-3pm,so I left once it was 3.30pm as I had planned my day based on the time frame communicated.

And more importantly I had to go for FUN Saturday with "A Diane's Story"😊

In all I want to say kudos to the Convener, it is not easy to conceptualize an event let alone pull it through, congrats to the iSucceed team.   


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