Tobi from Lagos State Nigeria, asked this question:
As a writer how can one sell his or her work and earn good pay from it?
Well I will like to re-phrase the Question to:
How can one make money as a writer?
That way I can give a broad answer.

Hi Tobi, since you want to earn money from your creative writing,
First you need to consider commercializing your work, meaning you need to write for the public/client who will in turn pay you.
A client will not pay for a write up, he or she doesn't like.

So you need to research what people are reading, issues that are trending and what your target audience is ready for.
Once you have sorted out you narrative(stories you want to write) you can now follow the steps below:

1) Become a freelance writer, Start a creative writing company, or work for a media communication firm.
N/B: you can do all three, if you have got the ability to multitask properly.

2) Once you decide what path to go, you can start reaching out for your target audience (clients)
through networking and marketing (online and offline)

3) While networking and marketing you need to show a glimpse of what you have  written and allow your client to ask for the complete "story"

4) Let prospective clients like film directors, producers and media houses know that you are a script writer and you will get jobs in no time.

5) Write a commercial worthy Ebook, and put it up for sale.

6) Become a Virtual writer for start ups and get paid immediately.

7) Write specialized articles for media houses and generate money through advert/product placement on your article.

8) Become friends with music production companies and write songs for their artists for a fee.

9) Look for young advert agency and collaborate with them as a copy writer for advertorials.

10) Also collaborate with audio studios to write jingles for them.

Most importantly while applying all this steps you need to understand that life is a process with lots of steps...
so one day at a time with patience, hard work and faith you will get the future you desire.



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