Happy New Year | It's Time to let go.

To start over first we must let go...

Is there anything that is holding you back?
It could be something as huge as a grudge against someone, who you thought will help your Journey or something as little as pride.
My dear you need to let go and start over, remember, it's never too late and also never too early, the only option we have is to start...
Every Journey begins with a single step, yes! a single step with all the patience you can imagine, just like a toddler learning to walk...

Let us do ourselves the favour of not comparing what we have achieved to the next person as we all have a different path in our journey just as our timelines are different.

While we understand that the time to start is now, there is nothing wrong in starting small, but there is everything wrong in remaining or ending small.

We do not need to worry about the future, or holding back due to the what if's (fear of the unknown), because the principles of life are clear, once you start a Journey, you will definitely get to your destination, No matter how long it takes or how rough the roads may be or even the distractions you meet at some bustops.

Remember what we see as failure are just distractions, what matters is how we rise when we fall.

Every end is an opportunity to have a NEW BEGINNING.

Happy New Year Champions.



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