Being a dependable friend and knowing when to draw the line.

Are you that family member or friend everyone is sure they can run to?

As a dependable friend, everything in your life matters...
Yes! everything, as simple as turning off your phone.
Do you know turning off your phone can hurt a friend, family or even a 
Imagine your friend or family member is feeling down and just needs to hear your voice...
What if there is an emergency, or your spouse needs to make a life changing decision or
just what if your foe needs to ask for forgiveness on his/her dying bed?

It all sounds like a joke right? but in reality being dependable comes with a lot of sacrifices, most times you have to put others first, after all what is service to humanity.

In as much as we all want to be dependable we need know when to draw the line right?
Due to the fear of been taken for granted, and yes I know the feeling...

In my journey to being a dependable woman, I get a lot of people taking me for granted, just for the sake of it.

Well! I am quick to nip it in the bud, because I serve not out of eye service, but to fulfill my purpose.

Diane Ogechi.

"A Diane's Story"


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