Freelancers Vs Entrepreneurs

I just realized not everyone understands that Freelancers are different from Entrepreneurs.

So I am going to explain:

A Freelancer is:

1. Self employed.
2. Has to be present, using his or her skill. 
3. A freelancer can receive multiple jobs, but attends to each job one after the other.
4. A freelancer does not need to register a company to get jobs and a freelancer's service fee can be paid into his or her personal account.
5. I am yet to see a freelancer with a pension scheme💁

Freelancers include, Writers, Graphic Artist, Film Directors, Video Editors, Virtual Assistants etc

An Entrepreneur is someone who:

1. Develops a business and Register a company.
2. An entrepreneur needs an initial capital to start(I will advice start-ups to start small and grow). 
3. Entrepreneurs are risk takers. 
4. Entrepreneurs have people working with/for their company.
5. Entrepreneurs run a structured organization and their company makes money even if the owner is not physically present.

Guess what an individual can be both a freelancer and an entrepreneur.

I will use myself as an example as I am both. 
As a Freelancer I Write, Produce and Direct Movies. I can't delegate any of the above skill to anyone, meaning I have to be available to render these services to my clients. 

As an Entrepreneur I run a registered company (MyHabit MyFuture Initiative) where we design costumes for movies, manage social media platforms for clients etc.
I work with a team to deliver my clients jobs therefore even if I am on leave and out of the country work goes on and my company makes money. 

Okay, all said.... 
Let me know if you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur or both like me😀😀😀😀😀


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