Turning My Passion Into A Business.

It's no news that I don't function well with routine jobs.

I love to Waka Waka(lol).
I love to meet people.
I love to surf the Internet.
I love to watch movies.
I love to Lazy around and Sleep on Monday(If I am not on a movie set or training Clients).
I loveeeeeeeeee Fashion.

Yes!  I love all the above and I am not ashamed to say it. 

Since I am so sure of what I love and what makes me happy, I decided not to deceive myself and stick to my strength (Turning Each Of My Passion to Gold😊😊😊

My income (Film Making, Costume Designing, Social Media razzmatazz😊😊😊, Image Consulting) comes from my passion and it is one of the best part of my life.

We all have what drives us and gives us joy, let's make it our source of income, that way we can make positive impact. 




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