All Work and No Play!!!

I like to Work HARD and Play Hard, in our world people do not like liabilities, they love assets.
I rather work and spend my money as I wish than be at the mercy of someone, who can disappoint me at anytime.
As a matter of fact only 5% of the people I expect to come through when I am in need come through, Majority of my blessings (Clients) have come from people I barely know.
So the sell to your friends and family first strategy has only worked for me on very few occasions.

Working Hard is so much fun, that way I never feel guilty when I play Hard, after all I deserve it....
One of my Favorite Ways to Unwind is in the Cinema, I love to watch good movies, do you?
If yes lets go see If I Am President, starring Joke Silva, Bimbo Manuel, Ivie Okujaye, Bryan Okwara.
A Bright Wonder Film by @HDFilmAcademy


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