Working Mum Vs Stay at Home Mum?

I was a "Stay At Home Mum" while I was pregnant for my first child and a "Working Mum" since then, from my personal experience I will pen down Pros and Cons:

Benefit Of A "Stay At Home Mum"
  1. I had time to run my house 24/7 as I pleased without leaving any decision to a third party.
  2. I love to cook and staying at home gave me the time to make different delicacies.
  3. As a pregnant woman I had adequate rest and me time, since I was home most of the time.
  4. When my son was born, I took care of him myself and we bonded like no other.
  5. I was able to monitor every growth of my new born.


  1. The house chores seemed never ending and I felt guilty to ask for help, which will increase our expense profile since I was not bringing in any income.
  2. I missed working so much, as I felt like everyone in my industry had left me behind.
  3. I had to ask my husband for everything I needed as I was not earning any Income, and that was making me feel like a liability even though he never complained.
  4. I felt like I was not contributing anything to humanity.
  5. My life became a routine and I was mega bored.
  6. Since I was with my son all day, I took him for granted.
  7. I started losing my sense of

Now my experience as a "Working Mum"

  1. I have a support system at home, which helps me with my Kids and Chores giving me time to be productive outside the house.
  2. I realised been away from my kids for some hours in the day makes me appreciate them more when I see them, and we have quality time together.
  3. I am no longer bored when my Kids are in School as I am busy working.
  4. And Yes! it feels good to earn money, lol.
  5. My life is purpose driven and more meaningful.
  6. I am always exhausted at the end of each day and that leaves me enjoying my sleep.
  7. I enjoy sharing the activities of my day with my husband, it is so refreshing.
  8. I am up to speed with the things I am interested in.
  9. My social life is great and my fashion sense is right on track.
  10. My time is well utilised.

  1. Some days are extremely tough, combining running the home and working.
  2. I miss over seeing the feeding of my kids, even though when I am around I try to always take care of their food.
  3. Lagos Traffic can get me feeling sick... lol

There you have it, this is my experience and I rather be a "Working Mum", remember we are all different and no one should make you feel bad for your choice, what works for me might not work for you, vice versa...
We must all find what works for us and makes us happy as Happiness Is A Choice.

Let me know your own experience.

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"A Diane's Story"



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