Social Media Influencing: Is That A Real Job?

Is Social Media Influencing a Real Job or a Side Hustle?

I have worked closely with some "Social Media Influencers", and also studied others and my personal thoughts/opinion is that Social Media Influencing should be a Side Job. 

Let me Explain:

  1. If you have a successful career in a particular Industry, e.g Popular Actor, you automatically become a "Social Media Influencer", making extra cash.
  2. Brands are not as loyal as we want them to be, therefore they go with the new "kid on the block" meaning whoever is trending at the time has their attention, leaving you out of business.
  3. Your Income depends on the emotions of your followers, if they decide to follow someone else the Client leaves you for the next "Influencer".  
  4. You do not have control over the results you will deliver to your client, The Product you are marketing might work or not.
  5. It's all a Gamble, Your fame can come to an End.

N/B: "Social Media Influencers" should use their popularity at the time to create multiple source of incomes.

"A Diane's Story"




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