Mum Alert: Working From Home.

As a working Mum sometimes I have to work from home, especially when the kids are on holiday and when I am pregnant.

Benefits Of Working from Home:

  1. I get to spend quality time with my kids
  2. I don't have to drive to work everyday.
  3. I am productive and earn money during my maternity leave.
  4. I spend less running my business.
  5. I eat home cooked meal.

Even though I have all these benefits, I miss my office space because:
  1. I have minimal distractions and I am able to finish 90% of my to do list.
  2. When clients walk into my office I attend to them, instead of my assistant.
  3. I feels good working with others as against me, myself and I at home.
  4. My kids become more independent and responsible, since mummy is not around.
For me the privilege to enjoy both worlds (working from home and having an office outside my home) has made my career journey amazing.


"A Diane's Story"



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