Mother and Child: The Summer Holiday Is Here.

Its not easy combining running the home and taking care of the kids especially when they are toddlers like mine.

I decided early enough not to burn my self out, so I don't get to the point of shouting at everyone in the house, thereby making my presence a liability instead of an asset.

This method has worked for me so far, and you might be wondering how do I avoid getting burnt out especially now the Kids are on holiday.

  1. I have a daily to do list and I follow it (Everyone in the house follows my routine).
  2. I priorities, and get everyone involved in the house chores even my 3 year old, (As a baby your duty is to watch while mummy gets the chores done).
  3. I train my kids with books from age One, there is a reading and writing time (Monday-Friday).
  4. If I need to run errands I drop them off at the Day Care and pay for the amount of hours they will be with the care giver.
  5. We all watch Television together, Yes! While they are watching their program in the Bedroom I watch mine in the Sitting room, vice versa.
  6. We Pray together.
  7. We Sleep together(I put them to bed and I sleep beside them, give them maximum 30 minutes and everyone is fast asleep, then I can get up and have some me time.)
  8. I make sure I don't procrastinate and pile up chores so, I never feel exhausted from house chores, I delegate any special/time demanding chore and just let myself breathe.

"A Diane's Story"



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