Managing More Than One Personal Blog.

I started Narrative Writing/Blogging in 2010, Between 2010 and now I have had nothing less than Seven(7) Personal Blogs, I have made a lot of mistakes, given up, started all over... hmmm! It has been an experience.

I can boldly say I have decided to manage/run just one personal blog based on my blogging experience.

5 Reasons Why I Rather Stick To One Personal Blog.

  1. Having more than one Blog spreads me thin, and I find myself struggling to create content.
  2. Putting all my content and effort in one blog creates fast and very good results.
  3. My Clients and Readers know where to go to, to find my creative work, no confusion.
  4. I have time to do Freelance Writing for Clients.
  5. As a Film Maker I have time to Produce, Direct, Write and Costume Design for Movies.

N/B: I am available to help you start your own blog and yes you can make money through blogging, Contact Details:

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