LinkedIn: Pros and Cons.

  1. I like the ability I have to follow a prospective client and ones he/she accepts we both can see each others post and activities.
  2. Linkedin users are serious minded and Business Chats are easy to start.
  3. I can search for prospective clients in my Industry.
  4. Hiring a working Team as a Film Maker is a lot easier with Linkedin than other Social Media Platforms.
  5. Cost effective when networking for a small Business.
  6. It enhances visibility, with dedication and consistency you can get hired.
  7. Helps promote my, Website, Blog and Business for free.

  1. Fake profiles.
  2. My prospective Clients are not as active on Linkedin as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  3. I wish the Linkedin Page was less crowded, too many information popping up especially when logged in with my phone.

"A Diane's Story"



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