I Sleep On Monday.

I love to sleep on Monday, except I have a movie shoot.
This is why:

  1. As an Entrepreneur I work long hours and I don't have the luxury of resting on Saturday, as my Friday and Saturday is 85% jam packed with work, while Sunday is time for Church activities, Family gathering, Friends visiting etc.
  2. I am always exhausted at the end of Sunday as I hardly get any rest time during the weekend, and the truth is am Human and I need rest, if I don't want to break down.
  3. In order to stay sane and get ready for a new week I decided to use Monday as my rest day, I sleep, watch Television, eat, reduce my activity on social media, keep my phones far away and just unwind and prepare for my week which starts actively on Tuesday.
And yes, this arrangement works for me, let me know what arrangement works for you.


"A Diane's Story"



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