I and My Tecno Camon X Pro.

As a Film Maker, Costume Designer and Social Media Lover good mobile phones are my number one Work and Fun Gadget.
I endeavour to always have a minimum of two good mobile phones, to avoid been stranded at any point in time, after all it is my Number One Work Tool.

My new Work Tool and Fun Toy is the Tecno Camon X Pro, I just got this new baby, a gift from my husband and I am enjoying it.

I believe everything in life has an advantage and disadvantage, since nothing is perfect, so i will jump into its Pros and Cons.

*I love that my phone is Red.
*The feel my fingers get while I touch the screen of my phone is amazing.
*Internet Speed is Fair.
*My phone came with apps I love, saved me the stress of downloading.
*Camera quality is above average especially taking pictures in total darkness.
*Video and Sound Quality while watching a movie is good.
*64GB Rom, 4GB Ram is great.

I just started using the phone and I am yet to have a bad experience, I will let you know if I do.

"A Diane's Story"



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