Entrepreneur Alert: How I Get Clients.

As an Entrepreneur getting Clients is our Ultimate Goal, and in order to achieve that we have to provide a Service.

I am a Creative Service Provider and I get Clients through the following ways:

  1. Providing a Free Service for a Prospective Client and If Client is Satisfied, I get paid the next time the Client wants the job done.
  2. Referral from my Clients and Acquaintance (Word Of Mouth Advertisement).
  3. Sharing Jobs done by me on Social Media.
  4. Sending my Portfolio to Prospective Clients.
  5. Networking. 

Having listed the above, the most efficient ways have been Number One & Two.

N/B: Once you get a job done well, your client will use you over and over again and will also refer people to you.
Also never stop looking for Clients, even when you have a good number of Clients.

Please Share your own experience on getting Clients.


"A Diane's Story"



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