Benefits Of Having A Virtual/Online Office.

Depending on the kind of service we render to our client, and our Industry having a Virtual/Online Office can be a blessing.

From my experience, having a Virtual/Online Office has done the following for me:

  1. I do not need to drive to my physical office everyday.
  2. I can work from anywhere, I mean anywhere (My Room, Beach, Hotel Room, Garden, Friends House etc)
  3. If I don't have a physical office, its not a problem and I get to save office rent.
  4. I communicate better with my Staff/Team as every form of communication is documented which leaves little or no room for misunderstanding.
  5. It is the most efficient way to save money especially when there is a financial crisis or you are just starting up.

I understand that not all Service Providers can function via a Virtual Office, but if you are in the Creative Industry like I am, a Virtual/Online Office is indeed a blessing.

Will you like to start your own virtual office?
Send me an email ( and I will get you started.


"A Diane's Story"



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