Telemundo and I : Woman of Steel3

I have always been a lover of Telemundo and I have had my fair share of favourite Telenovela's from the Network.
Even though I didn't like Manuel and Silvana and The Fan, I loved Passion 4 Revenge, Price Of Fame, Face of Destiny, Someone's Watching, Iron Rose, etc
Right now I am loving Woman Of Steel 3, Blood and Wine, The Boss and Lord Of The Skies.
Can't wait to see how Vicenta and Daniel Philips fall deeply in love, Will Juanjo get back with Aurora and how will Serena take it all, Also I badly need Gabriela to start her revenge, finally I need to see what happens to Ximena and Paco.

If you are a Telemundo Lover like me, you will understand.... If you know, you know.


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