Truth BeTold: I am TIRED of my DSLR

As a Film Maker, Costume Designer and Social Media Lover, Cameras have always been my thing.
Taking pictures is more of a necessity as it is my strongest marketing tool.
I have used different cameras over the years and I have a common experience, they develop a fault right at the middle of a shoot, this is so frustrating and might just make me want to give up my entire career.

5 Things I hate about my DSLR
  1. Taking spontaneous pictures is out of it, before i bring out the camera, turn it on... the moment i wanted to capture is gone.
  2. My DSLR is so bulky and attracts attention whenever I bring it out.
  3. People always mistake me for a Photographer and I have to start explaining myself.
  4. I can't upload pictures/videos on social media without having to first transfer files to my laptop, this is very annoying because my top reason for taking this pictures is to upload immediately on social media.
  5. My DSLR is expensive and it developed a fault in less than 2 years, and I am a careful user, extremely careful.

I have successfully used my phone to take pictures and upload on my Social Media Handles, and it has been stress free, I am beginning to wonder if I should pay any attention to my DSLR.
I guess having a Phone with an amazing camera quality does me more good than getting frustrated with my DSLR.

"A Diane's Story"


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