Clean, Bold and Beautiful Ladies.

Have you seen a curvy lady and the first impression is: "Damn! She Looks Good".
The secret to that look is in the simplicity of her Style (Less is More).

7 Ways to look Clean, Bold and Beautiful

  1. Plan your Outfit instead of hurriedly putting on anything your finger touches
  2. Choose Colours that compliment your Complexion
  3. Your Outfit should always be clean and sparkling
  4. Outfits Should be well Cut and Sewn
  5. Avoid extremely tight Outfits
  6. Take off any dangling thread 
  7. Little or no Accessory depending on the outfit 

Below are pictures of Curvy ladies to inspire you, Latasha Lagos is an inspiration to the Curvy World.
N/B: Pictures shared below is from google.

Latasha Lagos


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