The Adventure Princess: Jubilian Ngaruwa aka JubTrip

I have known Jubilian for awhile, and I have watched her blossom from her days in the University of Lagos as an under graduate to a working class Adventure Princess.
I remember the first time I meet this Delta Born babe, she looked so fragile, who would have thought she will turn out to be the babe with a tough skin.
Read her exclusive "A Diane's Story" interview below, to find out how tough her skin is.

Diane Ogechi: Did you choose your career or did your career choose you?

JubTrip:  I would say my career choose me.

Diane Ogechi: What is your career story?

JubTrip: Right from start I had always loved the creative world - Story telling [motion, graphics, or writing] I have never been a one place kind of a person [explains my adventurous spirit] although I am an introvert [to an extent]. The work I do demand I go out and communicate with people, which I find hard to do, but of course I began forcing myself and with help from friends I am able to conquer that [to an extent still]. I studied Creative Arts from the University of Lagos, after which I started writing for a company ''Hangout Nigeria,'' where I was to review amazing places in Nigeria, then to Urban View Nigeria I was doing same. Later I  got another job offer with Atqnews, the biggest online and print travel news platforms in Africa - You see, it just keeps choosing me!

Diane Ogechi: Your toughest career moment so far?

JubTrip: Decision making in terms of choosing locations, safety, and funding. safety first, you know. Security in Nigeria isn't there yet, I personally wont vow for the security of myself in some certain places in Nigeria, so I usually have to take extra precaution when deciding places to visit. Take for instance during the trip I was suppose to explore Jos but I couldnt because my host received the news of fulani herdsmen recently attacking some villagers, I just didn't want to risk it.

Diane Ogechi: Your greatest inspiration?

JubTrip: My greatest inspiration comes from watching the popular program, maybe not so popular - Survival on NATGEO WILD.

Diane Ogechi: How long did it take for your career to become profitable or was it profitable from day one?

JubTrip:  Yes its been profitable maybe not financially but its been beneficial, advantageous, worthwhile to me and everyone following the Trip.

Diane Ogechi: Best career moment so far?

JubTrip: My best career moment is the most adventurous  part -bathing in the open, men, women in Mokwa Village during my Train Trip!

Diane Ogechi: What is your best tip for a beginner who wants to start a profitable career in Nigeria?

JubTrip:  Have a passion, have a mentor, don't be too much in a hurry, research and be consistent.

Diane Ogechi: What Societal development project are you passionate about at the moment and why?

JubTrip: Her Network it is. It is a Global Networking Platform that believes every woman is a queen. At Her Network Women Connect, get Inspired & are encouraged to help one another Grow!

Diane Ogechi: Special thanks to anyone?

JubTrip: Yes Special thanks first to my role model no other person than, Mr Ikechi Uko, Organizer Akwaaba Travel Market and CEO atqnews, a man of immense knowledge in the travel and hospitality industry, even though I think it would take me 50 years to acquire all the knowledge he has acquired over the long period of time he has been practicing and also to  apply wisdom in ways he does lool. He has been very helpful with my career, don't think I have enough words to express my gratitude. Also, a special Thanks to Mr Vinod Kaurani, the managing Director for saying yes to my project when almost everyone said NO. The company was the major sponsor of my train trip.

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