Lagos Diary | "I went to HELL and BACK".

I look forward to Sunday after the Hustle and Bustle of Monday - Friday and the grocery shopping on Saturday, Hmmm!
This particular Sunday was different and special as I got an invite to a play by The Pater's Heritage Missions, "Hell is next Door" written and Directed by Ben Chiadika at the RCCG- Rose Of Sharon Parish GRA, Ikeja Lagos.
The Pater's Heritage Missions did a great job, Kudos to the team.

Storyline: "Hell is Next Door":  

Baba landlord has built a house for all where anything is acceptable. 

Razor lives by the knife, Shamaya survives by alcohol, Tunsko is a thieve on the run, Chima loves the gang, that feeling of belonging, Latifa is a girl who wants desperately to prove to the world that she can be someone, Murphy is the " Rasta man", the "Americana", the devil in her path. 

Philip and Caro bring hell closer home everyday and Biodun is the link, the one with the answer, but there are so many questions now and Biodun is beginning to stumble.

...and her smile was refreshing, Edna Konwea.

Amazing set design.

No 13, Lol!

To think this is a stage play, Nice!

Patrick Ugele.

Ben Chiadika, Writer and Director of "Hell is next Door".

Watch video

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  1. Was there too. Awesome awesome play, wish the play can be sponsored at the MUSCON center or another great platform for more people to see, infact a team should invest a take this play on a tour, soul spinner for heaven and a money spiner for the astute investor in the creative industry. Indeed hell is around us, its just next door, just a stone throw away. Kodos to The Pater's Heritage team.

    - Ihc ... say so

  2. A life changer for me. First saw it as a student in Medilag 1999/2000. It entrenched my love for theatre. I see it still has its power. Would love to act in it.

    Kudos to pastor Ben n team


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