#ThrowBack Article: I no longer use a Blackberry Phone....

Published Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It all started in 2008 when my Dad went to America and came back with a phone called Blackberry Pearl.
It was love @ first sight between I and the phone, considering how small and fragile it looked, and of course it was sexy due to its red colour.
I could only admire the phone and hope it becomes mine one day, as it belonged to my Dad.
To prove the love I had for the Blackberry pearl, I will beg my dad every day to dash me the phone, giving him reasons like.... Its a female phone, Guys don't use red phone's, its too small and fragile for a Guy etc...
My prayers where finally answered when my dad said I can have the phone, once I copy all his phone numbers into his diary, this was not the First time I was asked to write out his numbers, when ever I was asked to, it will take me a minimum of one week, to write out all the numbers, but this time, was different cuz I could not imagine staying with out my Blackberry pearl for one week.
To prove my unending love for her (Blackberry Pearl) I copied all d numbers that usually takes me a minimum of one week, in three hours.
My dad kept his word and I became a proud owner of a Blackberry....
Every where I went to my friends loved my phone, some had never seen a blackberry and had no idea what it was capable of.... I thought I will never let my BB Pearl go.
But reality set in after having her for 8 months, I was bored and hated to look at her as she was aging terribly, her sexy red coating was peeling off.
I was so bored that I gave her to my younger brother and bought a Blackberry Curve, of course I was excited... New love always comes with Fireworks, this time it was a more interesting ride, as a handful of my friends now had their own BB and we could chat, of course Chatting came at a price as we had to pay 5000 naira every month I.e 60,000 for a year for BIS subscription.

Now, it is 2011... that is 2 years plus since I started using Blackberry... And am not sure if I fell in Love with the right Phone, cuz I receive more heart breaks than when I was in Love with Nokia.
My blackberry battery doesn't hesitate to run down, and takes 'forever' 2 get fully charged,
the key pads have a mind of theirs, it is fragile therefore can not be multi tasked, The track ball messes up constantly, I have to remove my battery and fix it back when the phone 'Jams', if my Nokia phone drops, I don't Mind, but if my blackberry drops, my heart skips a Zillion beats, due the possibility of my BB never coming on again...
With all these Heart breaks, I Wonder why I still use a Blackberry...
Maybe I can't do with out chatting with my dad, or I guess I love d quick gossips my friends and I exchange while we chat, or Better still am just like the girl who won't leave her boyfriend after he beats her, turning her to his daily punching bag. Hmmm!
I guess the love story between Diane Wilcox and her Blackberry, should be tagged Gangster love....
I hope am able to summon courage to break up with my blackberry..... Wish me Luck.
I will keep u posted.
Posted by DIANE at 9:22 AM 

onenlaw March 3, 2011 at 3:10 AM
this piece is lovely, and really love it...
you have actually increased my phobia for BB, cos i wonder if me that is so glued to my LG phone and IPHON at each second, i wonder wat will become of me if i go for a BB...this is one reason i never will go for BB...
Imagine a friend call me at night 3am, all in the name of asking me for my BB pin...
i pray i never change my mind.


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