Diane Ogechi: Nigerian Born Writer, Producer and Director....

I saw this from @rachbebei and I felt butterflies....

This was the first risk I took as a Writer, Producer, Director and Editor, many years ago to start my career as an Independent Film Maker.
I remember having to double as Crew and Cast as I could not afford so many hands at the time.
It was real hustle for me.
As fragile as I was I had to make my dreams come true.
Dreaming is one thing, but acting on it is another level of life.
You can't imagine all I had to go through to make my Dream come through.
Without people like @rachbebei it won't have been possible.
I want to thank everyone who believed in me 7years ago when I first conceived this project.
God Bless you all.

Teru Eku...

Please copy and paste link below to watch.



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