Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Happy New Year | It's Time to let go.

To start over first we must let go...

Is there anything that is holding you back?
It could be something as huge as a grudge against someone, who you thought will help your Journey or something as little as pride.
My dear you need to let go and start over, remember, it's never too late and also never too early, the only option we have is to start...
Every Journey begins with a single step, yes! a single step with all the patience you can imagine, just like a toddler learning to walk...

Let us do ourselves the favour of not comparing what we have achieved to the next person as we all have a different path in our journey just as our timelines are different.

While we understand that the time to start is now, there is nothing wrong in starting small, but there is everything wrong in remaining or ending small.

We do not need to worry about the future, or holding back due to the what if's (fear of the unknown), because the principles of life are clear, once you start a Journey, you will definitely get to your destination, No matter how long it takes or how rough the roads may be or even the distractions you meet at some bustops.

Remember what we see as failure are just distractions, what matters is how we rise when we fall.

Every end is an opportunity to have a NEW BEGINNING.

Happy New Year Champions.


Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Low Price: "Race to the bottom"

I have learnt over the years that even if low pricing gets me more customers It doesn't guarantee profit making. 

Let me explain:

If I charge 50,000naira for  a job with a profit of 1000naira....
Because it is cheap I am likely to get 10clients, and make a total of 10,000naira profit. 
Now serving 10 clients will put me under tremendous pressure and I won't be able to hire assistants since my profit margin is very low. 

Most times I am worn out and not able to satisfy all my customers.

So I decided I rather charge one customer 60,000 and make all the profit from that premium customer, that way I can deliver premium service. 

And yes it has worked for me. 

I understand that people who are into buying and selling can do low profit margin since they sell to the masses, but for a service oriented business like mine, low pricing leads to zero profit, which in turn leads to bankruptcy(RACE TO THE BOTTOM).
Let me know what works for you.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Freelancers Vs Entrepreneurs

I just realized not everyone understands that Freelancers are different from Entrepreneurs.

So I am going to explain:

A Freelancer is:

1. Self employed.
2. Has to be present, using his or her skill. 
3. A freelancer can receive multiple jobs, but attends to each job one after the other.
4. A freelancer does not need to register a company to get jobs and a freelancer's service fee can be paid into his or her personal account.
5. I am yet to see a freelancer with a pension scheme💁

Freelancers include, Writers, Graphic Artist, Film Directors, Video Editors, Virtual Assistants etc

An Entrepreneur is someone who:

1. Develops a business and Register a company.
2. An entrepreneur needs an initial capital to start(I will advice start-ups to start small and grow). 
3. Entrepreneurs are risk takers. 
4. Entrepreneurs have people working with/for their company.
5. Entrepreneurs run a structured organization and their company makes money even if the owner is not physically present.

Guess what an individual can be both a freelancer and an entrepreneur.

I will use myself as an example as I am both. 
As a Freelancer I Write, Produce and Direct Movies. I can't delegate any of the above skill to anyone, meaning I have to be available to render these services to my clients. 

As an Entrepreneur I run a registered company (MyHabit MyFuture Initiative) where we design costumes for movies, manage social media platforms for clients etc.
I work with a team to deliver my clients jobs therefore even if I am on leave and out of the country work goes on and my company makes money. 

Okay, all said.... 
Let me know if you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur or both like me😀😀😀😀😀

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The Power Of Advertising...

...As an entrepreneur, advertising(telling people about my services) which leads to word of mouth referral has been my greatest marketing tool.

Sometimes it feels like no one has seen my advert, but the truth is I don't stop as I understand that all I need is for one person (the right person) who needs my service to see and ones he or she does my long effort is always worth it.

As entrepreneurs we must never be ashamed of advertising our products/service, if no one knows what we do, we will not have clients and without clients our business dies.

Thanks to Social Media, marketing our products and services have become easier.

To learn how to market your product/service as a start-up on Social Media email myhabitmyfuture@gmail.com


Monday, 12 November 2018

Turning My Passion Into A Business.

It's no news that I don't function well with routine jobs.

I love to Waka Waka(lol).
I love to meet people.
I love to surf the Internet.
I love to watch movies.
I love to Lazy around and Sleep on Monday(If I am not on a movie set or training Clients).
I loveeeeeeeeee Fashion.

Yes!  I love all the above and I am not ashamed to say it. 

Since I am so sure of what I love and what makes me happy, I decided not to deceive myself and stick to my strength (Turning Each Of My Passion to Gold😊😊😊

My income (Film Making, Costume Designing, Social Media razzmatazz😊😊😊, Image Consulting) comes from my passion and it is one of the best part of my life.

We all have what drives us and gives us joy, let's make it our source of income, that way we can make positive impact. 



Friday, 9 November 2018

All Work and No Play!!!

I like to Work HARD and Play Hard, in our world people do not like liabilities, they love assets.
I rather work and spend my money as I wish than be at the mercy of someone, who can disappoint me at anytime.
As a matter of fact only 5% of the people I expect to come through when I am in need come through, Majority of my blessings (Clients) have come from people I barely know.
So the sell to your friends and family first strategy has only worked for me on very few occasions.

Working Hard is so much fun, that way I never feel guilty when I play Hard, after all I deserve it....
One of my Favorite Ways to Unwind is in the Cinema, I love to watch good movies, do you?
If yes lets go see If I Am President, starring Joke Silva, Bimbo Manuel, Ivie Okujaye, Bryan Okwara.
A Bright Wonder Film by @HDFilmAcademy


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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Alaghodaro2018 Is Here...

Benin City, Edo State are you ready......
Alaghodaro2018 Is Here.



How I love to worship, My top music playlist has always been gospel worship...
Naturally I am a lover of slow and soft music, but worship songs take me to another level as it is one of my favorite communication tool with my Creator.

How does worship songs make you feel?

Lets worship together on Friday November 30,2018 from 7pm till dawn.

Keep reading for full details.


REAL WORSHIP is a Faith-based initiative targeted at rendering Songs of Worship through Gifted Gospel Artists to God as well as serve as a platform for harnessing and Promoting the talents of young Gospel Artists. 
Real Worship is also an atmosphere of signs, miracles and healing through intense worship.
Additionally, Real Worship is an annual Soul Winning Evangelical Event.Last year ,to the Glory of God, over 1000 souls gave their lives to Christ. 

It started in Lagos in 2012 and has now become a Landmark transforming worship experience and event in Amuwo Odofin L.G.A., Festac Town in particular and Lagos State and environ in general. 

The maiden edition which took place in December 2012 witnessed a huge turn out of Youths and Adults (about 5,000). Last year's edition which had over 15,000 persons in attendance is still the most talked about event in Festac Town and environs.

This program which has enjoyed MASSIVE publicity over the years has hosted top rated gospel artists like Nathaniel Bassey, Chioma Jesus, Tope Alabi, Nosa, Sola Allyson, BJ Sax, Cobhams, Frank Edwards etc. 

This year's event, which is the 7th in a row is themed:  Worship Unto Perfection. It promises to be the Mother of all Events as attendees are expected from Festac Town, Satellite Town, Ajegunle, Ojo Barracks , all the way to Badagry ,Lekki  and indeed the whole of Lagos. This 7th edition is taking place at FHA field 23/24 Road, Festac Town, Lagos on Friday November 30,2018 from 7pm(all night).
The event has been RELOADED with 'A' List celebrity Gospel Artistes such as Frank Edwards, David G, Mercy Chinwo, Ada, Dcns Moji, Mike Abdul, BJ Sax, Bidemi Olaoba, and many more, as well as one of RCCG AGO's, Pastor Peter Amenkhienan [The AGO Youth Affairs]

Finally to the glory of God, Real Worship has become an Annual Gospel HUB where thousands look forward to  Inspirational soul lifting songs and souls are won for Christ.
This year, we are expecting a crowd of not less than 30,000 worshippers and we are convinced that, by the power of the Holy Spirit drawn through Real Worship, this will be achieved.
 Special arrangements have been made by RCCG LPXI ,the organizers, ably supervised by Pastor Alex Edosa Igbineweka, the Pastor In Charge of  RCCG Lagos Province XI, to ensure that lives are secured, the atmosphere is most conducive and saved souls will remain steadfast in the Faith. 
To God be the Glory.Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

SENIOR PASTORS of The Redeemed Christian Church of God ,LAGOS PROVINCE X1,FESTAC TOWN, LAGOS who are the promoters of REAL WORSHIP 2018

#ThrowBackThursday: My Experience at Whispering Palms Resort, Lagos Nigeria.

I had a swell time at the Whispering Palms Resort in Lagos...

All pictures by MyHabitMyFuture Initiative.
Instagram and Twitter: @myhabitmyfuture

Copy and Paste http://www.adianestory.com/2017/04/the-experience-at-whispering-palms.html for more pictures.