Thursday, 5 September 2019

Fun Saturday With "A Diane's Story"

All work and no play makes......
Join us on Saturday 14th Sept, 2019 at the Lekki Conservation Center.

Benefits: Fun, Fun, Fun.
Networking, Yard Sale, Canopy Walk, Relaxation.

To Register call 081 4906 3905, you can also send a whatsapp message for more information.

N/B: Registration ends on Wednesday 11th Sept, 2019.

Client Alert: Fun Saturday With "A Diane's Story" #UnbreakableMovieNg

Fun Saturday With "A Diane's Story"

All work and no play makes......
Join us on Saturday 14th Sept, 2019 at the Lekki Conservation Center.

Benefits: Fun, Fun, Fun.
Networking, Yard Sale, Canopy Walk, Relaxation.

To Register call 081 4906 3905, you can also send a whatsapp message for more information.

N/B: Registration ends on Wednesday 11th Sept, 2019.

Friday, 30 August 2019

Get Up And Run

I realized early enough to pursue my dreams without allowing the fear of the unknown slow me down.

It has not been a smooth ride, but I have had fulfillment every step of the way.

It has been a roller coaster, with low and high moments.
I have lost money, business associates and ideas.
But I will choose this path over and over again.
I rather take a step and fail than sit back and keep wishing I pursed my dreams.
I have had some big wins and each time I win after so much work it feels so good....
Please Get up and Run, Start Now.
It's never to late.

Xoxo, Sunshine.
"A Diane's Story"

Monday, 29 July 2019

Fashion Styling Training

Enroll for MyHabit MyFuture Fashion Styling Training Class and start your career in the Styling Industry.

Be a Fashion Entrepreneur and a Champion.

The Business of Fashion is now at your finger tips:

Network Styling + Movie Styling + Celebrity Styling + Personal Styling.

Contact 08149063905

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People Will Try To Put You Down

Hello MyHabit MyFuture Champion,

The moment you realize that some people will try to put you down, whatever they say or do will not bother you.
I call people who never see anything good in what others are doing WET BLANKETS.
Well! Today I am here to tell not to be bothered about what WET BLANKETS say to you, I decided a long time ago not to care about someones opinion of me when its is super obvious the person is just outright envious.
Yes envious, some people are not happy with the fact your are pursing your dreams.
Be smart enough to know that you make them feel terrible for not pursing their dreams so instead of applauding you they put you down.

Just don't CARE.


Sunshine aka Happy Face Store... #DianeOgechi

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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Finding Your Purpose๐Ÿ˜

My thoughts....

I don't think anyone has the right to make another person feel that their career path is not good enough.

Some people make faces at you, just because they do not think your means of livelihood is good.

In my opinion people should be more concern if your means of livelihood makes you happy and not them.

Parents please instead of forcing your aspirations on your child, guide them so they look inward and find their purpose.

Dear Friend, do not put yourself under the "Is my Career Prestigious Enough" pressure.
Finding peace and your purpose in life is what matters.

Xoxo Sunshine aka Happy Face.

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Saturday, 15 June 2019

What If SOCIAL MEDIA Shuts Down? | Who Noticed What Instagram Did TO Some Accounts....

I have always wondered what a lot of vendors who rely solely on Social Media to Market their products and services would do If Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc decides to shut down.

My Dear, It will be tough oh!
As a matter of fact it will feel like going to your physical shop in the morning and your shop has varnished into thin air, maybe a Gorilla Swallowed it๐Ÿ˜…

If you are an Instagram lover like me, you must have realized Instagram changed some things....

Which lead to some people not being able to post, comment, share pictures etc, some accounts even lost followers, as in their followers disappeared, I guess Instagram upgraded.

But that was just for a few hours, and I had a lot of Clients calling me, panicking and all...
Imagine if it was a shut down.

I am just glad that some of my followers have seen the reason I teach "HOW TO EFFECTIVELY RUN A SMALL BUSINESS", running a business is a skill you must learn in other not to run into a dead end.

Save yourself the trauma of running up and down, nobody is chasing you from your village...
You just don't know the secrets of Running a Small Business.

Xoxo Sunshine aka Happy Face.

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Gorilla 'Swallows' 6.8 Million Naira | I Guess That Can Only Happen In Nigeria ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

My first thought when I read that 6.8Million Naira has vanished from Kano Zoological Garden in Nigeria, thanks to a Gorilla was...
I had no clue a Zoo in Nigeria can make up to 6.8Million Naira in such a short time, 'see money'....
Zoo business is good business oh!๐Ÿ˜‚
And the Gorilla that allegedly swallowed it is what I call a High Maintenance Gorilla.

Abeg when will this dog on my street swallow better money na?
If it is not Snake it Gorilla, Na Wa Oh!

Xoxo Sunshine aka Happy Face.

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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Tech Money Africa

Tech Money Africa to bridge the gap between public and private sector, start-up and established enterprise, tech and academia, NGOs and investors at UNILAG, Yaba Lagos on 10 & 11 June 2019.

What To Expect:

  1. 150+ Investors
  2. 15+ Countries
  3. Global Access To Capital
  4. Inspiring Global Speakers
  5. Smart Networking
  6. Women In Tech
  7. Partners And Mentors
To register for Tech Money Africa visit 

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Is Love Enough? | After The Honeymoon, Comes The Nightmare...

As a newly wedded couple there are expectations from both individuals, what if your exception turns into a nightmare what will you do? 
Its easy to say I will stay, after all I just vowed for better for worse, well you never know until you are faced with the Unexpected.

On the 21st of June 2019 selected students of the University Of Port-Harcourt will find out how Chidi and Ikepo will handle the unexpected as their unique love story will be screened at the University.

Arese Emokpae (winner of The Voice Nigeria 2016)  who plays Ikepo will be live at the University of Port-Harcourt to watch Unbreakable with the selected students, alongside special guests.

Unbreakable is a gripping romantic drama that keeps you at the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end, written by Sola Osofisan, Directed by Ben Chiadika, Produced by Buky Campbell and Stars Oc Ukeje, Arese Emokpae, Richard Mofe-Damijo, John Dumelo, Ebele Okaro-Onyiuke, Bimbo Manuel, Uche Mac-Auley and Wendy Lawal.

For information on sponsoring campus and private screening contact: 09029098378.

Our Mental Health is as important as our Physical Health.

#MentalHealthAwareness #UnbreakableMovieNg #UniversityOfPortHarcourt

Should Your Business Be On Social Media?

I can only speak for myself, Social Media has helped me grow my business by a 100%.
We all have our strengths and weakness, I can assure you going out to market my products and services from door to door is far from one of my strength.
We all know that without marketing ones product/service, getting customers is almost impossible and without customers our business shuts down.
My Dear, my business is growing thanks to Social Media as all I need to do is sit in front of my Laptop or phone and market aggressively via Social Media, Yes! aggressively (if I want the desired results) .

Like I said we all have our Strengths and Weakness, If marketing your Business on Social Media has been challenging for you, visit they help clients market their products and services on Social Media.

To learn how to market you products and service on social media by yourself visit or send a WhatsApp Message to 08149063905.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Writing A Business Plan

I am so sorry the audio is low, still learning how to use my new phone to record.
To have a better audio please use your earpiece/ear phone, thanks.

Starting A Business is not something you want to run into with out a proper plan...

Outfit: @happyfacefashionstore

Register today and learn how to run your small business effectively.

N/B: After the training participants will get Tips On How To Get Clients via Social Media.

Send an Email to or WhatsApp 081 4906 3905 to register asap.

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Earring: @happyfacefashionstore









Wednesday, 27 February 2019

I Saw This Coming Vs Publicity Stunt | Khole Kardashian's Tristan Cheats Again?

My YouTube Channel has been buzzing with new updates on how Khole Kardashian's Baby Daddy Tristan Thompson has cheated on her again.
Now! Men Cheat๐Ÿ˜’ but cheating with Khole's sister's (Kylie Jenner) Friend...
That is not nice brother.
This is betrayal on different levels, Khole must be so hurt considering the fact Jorydn Woods (Kylie's Friend) is like Family.

Some social media lovers are of the opinion this could be a publicity stunt to get the Kardashians trending to boost their reality show keeping up with the Kardashians.

What is your thought?

Xoxo Sunshine.
"A Diane's Story

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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Merlin| My NetFlix Story.

So I started watching Merlin all over again. 

I am in Season Three and watching Merlin just made me reflect on life and how the decisions we take affects our life.

So instead of enjoying it all to myself, I will be sharing with you. 

Season 3 Episode 1: Lessons: Never allow the enemy deceive you especially when the enemy is close to you. 

The fact that Morgana was missing for a year. 

Uther Pendragon should have monitored her closely when she mysteriously appeared and was found. 

I'm In Love With A Church Girl | My NetFlix Story

I have seen this movie before, to tell you how much I love the movie I decided to watch it again today. 

For a movie I have seen before, it felt like it was my first watch. 

I loved everything about this movie, every single scene....

I know right, I have always loved Adrienne Bailon and this movie makes me even love her more.

Jarule who is the lead actor was just perfect.

I am a woman of faith, so movies like this get to me and reminded me why I love Jesus so much. 

I'm In love with a church girl is a must watch. 

If you haven't subscribed to Netflix, what are you waiting for?


Cost Of Living In Nigeria!

How much does it cost for an average Nigerian to get by in a day, from transportation to feeding and daily bills.
If you ask me, The average Nigerian Adult is happy if he/she gets to eat twice a day, as three times a day has become a reserved section for people in the VIP lounge if you know what I mean.
With the price of things in the market, how much can an average Nigerian earn to be able to afford the bare necessities?
All this questions and more have hit me left, right, and center this couple of days.

Share your thoughts in the comment section.


Nappily Ever After | My Netflix Story

Okay there isn't much to say about this movie as the trailer explains it all showing all the high points. 

I enjoyed watching the Beginning and Middle part of the movie, but the end didn't make me have the feeling I wanted to have. 

The end left me with an unresolved feeling. 

Will I love to see this movie again, the answer is no. 

It is definitely a one time watch for me. 

The Princess Switch | My Netflix Story

If you are a lover of romantic movies, then The Princess Switch is for you.

Due to the feminine touch I felt while watching this movie, I strongly believe the target audience of the film are women๐Ÿ˜Š

Of course there is a Prince in the movie, you already new that right? 
After all when ever there is a princess there is a Prince Charming around the corner. 

Well it was worth every dime I spent to watch it. 

Lagos Enterprise Summit | My Candid Thought

The event started at 10:42am and that for me was a long wait from the 10am which was the time stated in the promotional materials.

The MC was extremely entertaining.

I was admiring  the outfit of the  Ushers until I saw one that wore a very short gown๐Ÿ™†

And His Excellency walked in, Guess who? 

Time for pitching, most of the people who were picked from the online entries didn't come, so they lost the opportunity to pitch. 

The "Akara Seller" pitched and she made my day. 

Small chops and a bottle of coke was shared, at least that was what I got.
The Ushers started sharing gift bags in no particular order, due to the scattered form of the sharing, of course some people didn't get a bag. 

A lady behind me asked one of the Ushers for her bag, and the usher said it was finished, my question is why produce gifts that won't go round?

Due to the vibe I got from people around, I learnt something about Ushers and gifting at an event.
So in future when I hold an event I won't make, the same mistake. 
1. Make enough provisions for my participants. 
2. Proper orientation for ushers on how to share things, if possible give them specific areas to handle.

The event was supposed to be for 10-3pm,so I left once it was 3.30pm as I had planned my day based on the time frame communicated.

And more importantly I had to go for FUN Saturday with "A Diane's Story"๐Ÿ˜Š

In all I want to say kudos to the Convener, it is not easy to conceptualize an event let alone pull it through, congrats to the iSucceed team.   

Thursday, 24 January 2019


Tobi from Lagos State Nigeria, asked this question:
As a writer how can one sell his or her work and earn good pay from it?
Well I will like to re-phrase the Question to:
How can one make money as a writer?
That way I can give a broad answer.

Hi Tobi, since you want to earn money from your creative writing,
First you need to consider commercializing your work, meaning you need to write for the public/client who will in turn pay you.
A client will not pay for a write up, he or she doesn't like.

So you need to research what people are reading, issues that are trending and what your target audience is ready for.
Once you have sorted out you narrative(stories you want to write) you can now follow the steps below:

1) Become a freelance writer, Start a creative writing company, or work for a media communication firm.
N/B: you can do all three, if you have got the ability to multitask properly.

2) Once you decide what path to go, you can start reaching out for your target audience (clients)
through networking and marketing (online and offline)

3) While networking and marketing you need to show a glimpse of what you have  written and allow your client to ask for the complete "story"

4) Let prospective clients like film directors, producers and media houses know that you are a script writer and you will get jobs in no time.

5) Write a commercial worthy Ebook, and put it up for sale.

6) Become a Virtual writer for start ups and get paid immediately.

7) Write specialized articles for media houses and generate money through advert/product placement on your article.

8) Become friends with music production companies and write songs for their artists for a fee.

9) Look for young advert agency and collaborate with them as a copy writer for advertorials.

10) Also collaborate with audio studios to write jingles for them.

Most importantly while applying all this steps you need to understand that life is a process with lots of steps...
so one day at a time with patience, hard work and faith you will get the future you desire.




Who remembers what happened 4years ago?
Recession affects everyone, either positively or negatively or even both.
For me the first thing I did was cut down on my expenses and I realized there were so many things I was buying in the past that I didn't really need.
And I have learnt to focus on what I really need and not what I want.
So I actually learnt how to save better thanks to recession.
Now! my mantra to life is peace of mind over everything, that helps me to make realistic decisions as regards my finances and business (means of livelihood).
As a business owner I realized my clients were asking for lots of discounts thanks to the recession.
Instead of losing my clients and running out of business, my company adjusted her price and took drastic measures like:
1) Only marketing to our target audience thereby not wasting funds marketing to everyone.
2) Changing Office; In order to reduce cost we changed our office to a smaller and cheaper location and also started a virtual office (which is one of the best decision we took).
3) Increasing our client base by creating solutions for young businesses.
4) Hiring Virtual Assistants, freelancers and contract staffs, so we pay as client pay us therefore I can sleep like a baby without the pressure of staff salary hanging over my head.
5) Collaborations/Networking: Collaborating and Networking with the right people has taken my business to another level.
6) Don't care what the negative vibers say: I call those people who instead of appreciating your effort, want to make you feel bad at every chance they get, my advise is careless about them and never let them steal your joy.
And yes don't ever put yourself under pressure to please anyone, cuz if you fail they will be the first to laugh at you.
7) Asking God for more Ideas, and guess what this is the most important point, because ones i realized God gives the best Ideas, I have being getting all my inspiration as regards writing my films and mentoring, with so much ease.

To get more answers on the topic Recession and It's Consequence. send an email to and book a session.

"A Diane's Story"